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Hasta la vista

Оригинал взят у kamashimi в Hasta la vista
*insert fanfare here* the first fic!! yayz! tell us what you think.

Title: Hasta la vista
Author: Koh (kamashimi)
Pairing: Kyle Reese/Marcus Wright, slight Marcus/Blair
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

He was kissing Blair before he even stopped to think about it. His affection towards her, his gratitude for all she had done for him, is what made the decision for him. When they parted he looked at her and was glad to be able to give her this proper good bye.

A good bye. That's what was happening here. Only this time it was his choice. This time it really was for the future of mankind. The resistance needed someone to look up to and John Connor was most definitely that person.

As his eyes slid from Blair's features they met those of someone strikingly different.

Kyle looked as if he would dissolve into tears at any moment. Marcus couldn't bear to look at him, for while he was able to say good bye to Blair, someone he thought of as a close friend after their ordeal, Kyle was on a whole other level. His sole purpose for the last few days had been getting to Kyle. Even his search for what had happened to him hadn't been as important. He took Star's hand briefly and met her gaze.

He knew this was his only chance.

Kate asked him to lie down on the gurney next to Connor. She started running his I.V.

Kyle had spoken to Connor briefly before turning away. He was standing at the edge of the tent looking out. Marcus' eyes never left his back though Blair kept trying to catch his eye.

He looked up at Kate. "Wait."

"Wha-? What are you-where are you going?" Kate scrambled out of his way. He heard Connor's hoarse voice telling Barnes to stop him. But he had turned Kyle around and was kissing him before Barnes could stop him. Still he felt the barrel of Barnes' gun at the back of his head.

He had thought kissing Kyle would be sweet and tender given his young age and slight form.

It was electrifying. All solid mass, hard edges, and scorching heat.

He released him and stepped back. Kyle had the same look in his eyes as before but now had a small, sad smile. Kyle licked his lips and straightened Marcus' stolen resistance coat.

Kyle cleared his throat as best he could while holding back his tears. "Hasta la vista."

Marcus turned from him. Barnes' gun still levelled at him but at least it wasn't pressing against his skull anymore. He walked back to the gurney ignoring Connor's shocked expression. At least the other's were less obvious about their surprise.

As the anesthetic entered his veins and he felt his mind being put to rest for the final time, his vision begain to blur just like the previous time. Only this time it wasn't Dr. Kogan's face being the last thing his tired mind saw, it was Kyle's smiling one.

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